Serran Prayer for Vocations

O God, Who wills not the death of a sinner,
rather that he be converted and live,
grant, we beseech You, through the intercession of
the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin,
Saint Joseph, her spouse,
Saint Junipero Serra and all the saints,
an increase of labourers for Your Church,
fellow labourers with Christ
to spend and consume themselves for souls
through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son,
Who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.


Board of Trustees (2017-2018)
  Chaplain: Fr. J. B. Tsang   1-Year Trustee: Winnie Yau  
  President: Peter Tam   2-Year Trustee: Peter Lee  
  1st VP: John Wong   3-Year Trustee: Denis Chang  
  2nd VP: Francisca Lo   Executive Officer: Wilfred Lee  
  3rd VP: Cecilia Aw   Immediate Past President: Joyce Chang  
  Hon. Secretary: Richard Tan   District Governor: Michael Chuang  
  Hon. Treasurer: Derek Ku   Hon. Assistant Sec: Fergus Chau  
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Sr Franca Bozzini, former principal of Sacred Heart Cannosian College Macau.
Topic: TBC (bilingual presentation)
Sn Peter Lee
Topic: Church teachings on the doctrine of Holy Mary
  Past Events:  
What a wonderful Our Lady of Fatima Centennial Celebration to have so many joyful faithfuls and participants fully packed in St. Anthony's Church on 9 July 2017, long before our great Chinese Sacred Music composer, Rev. Father Clement Kong (OCSO), also on his 80th Birthday, accompanied by Rev. Father Giles Chong (OCSO) of The Trappist Haven Monastery on Lantau Island, could make their way to the church through the side entrance, just a brief moment before 3:00pm, the Merciful Hour of Our Lord who voiced out His triumph - "It is Consummated" (John 19:30) - on the Cross for our unmerited eternal salvation some 2000 years ago.
Today, this resounding calling - " I Thirst " (John 19:28) - remained deeply engraved in the Immaculate Heart of The Blessed Virgin Mary who in no time not joining closely with the Sacred Heart of her dearly beloved son, Jesus, as one could see her apparitions 100 years ago in Fatima, echoing in Rev. Father Matthew Chan's (SDB) opening speech with the central theme of "Contemplation in Action" – meaning that our lives, by thoughts, by words, and by deeds should be made and transformed into a faithful Christian's prayer, a prayer in response to His calling through the unwavering helps of Our Lady's unceasing intercessions for all of us. Father Kong was an exemplary model of living out his faith through his contemplative life further expressed in his numerous musical masterpieces, like that of "The Magnificat". Thanks to the loving voice and the directives of Our Heavenly Mother to the seers, Father Chan invited all of us to stand up to recite The Holy Mary of Fatima prayer, bearing in mind to make changes to our lives - through Confession, Penance, Fasting, Holy Eucharist, and Rosary Prayer- for the peace on earth.

Salesian Family, the main organizer, invited Sarra Club of Hong Kong and Bosco Schola Cantorum as the co-sponsors for this musical prayer event, to show our appreciation of Father Kong's contribution to the Church, and of the transcendent power of his music to Our Lord. Indeed, Our Lady of Fatima souvenirs were widely distributed to so many people at the entrance of St. Anthony's Church, reminding us the love of His Calling.
Calling, Community and Sending were the three main parts of the program, which kicked off with Father Chong's performance of two songs, Mother of Sorrows and Assumption, followed by many performing groups, like Choirs, western and Chinese orchestras, with a final singing performance of Father Kong and Father Chong for a Chinese song "Fenyang Flower Drum Song 鳯陽花鼓" (see the details in the flyer). Undoubtedly, the music and the songs were not only popular but also beautiful and spiritual (e.g. "Hymn of God's Mercy主慈頌" and "The Magnificat 聖母讚主頌") – a true means of uplifting our minds and spirits to His altar.
After the ceremony of presenting the souvenirs to the Fathers (especially Rev. Father Pedro Leung Chi Choi, SDB, Parish Priest of St. Anthony's Church for making the church arrangement), the performing groups, the serving parties and the sponsoring groups, Father Chan invited all of us to stand up once again to sIng "Our Father". In the end, we received the blessings from all the Fathers.

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Topic: Missionary Vocation - A Calling for All Baptized.
Speakers: Rev. Father Grégoire Vignola, Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME); lay people: Ana María Jara Fierro, and Mary Ann Ofialda
Serra Club's 1st general meeting for 2017-2018, started off with a talk led by Rev. Father Grégoire Vignola of Quebec Foreign Mission Society (SME), an Assistant Parish Priest of Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, had clearly demonstrated the uniqueness of this missionary society - with priests, associate priests and lay people staying together while supporting one another in this community lifestyle to advance the evangelization throughout the world, currently covering 10 countries, in Asia (China/Hong Kong, Cambodia, Japan, Philippine), Africa (Kenya) and Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Honduras), with its home base in Quebec, Canada.
Established in 1921 as local missionary society, predominantly Canadian, by the bishops of the Francophone Church of Canada, SME has gradually transformed into an International Missionary Society in 1997. China was their first missionary destination when they landed in Inner Mongolia in 1925. To-day, Hong Kong is their base with the support of two lay people, Ana María Jara Fierro, and Mary Ann Ofialda who went through a 3 to 4 years' training program. The lay people would enjoy same financial supports as the priests to perform the missionary work in the local diocese, such as helping the Missionaries of Charity to serve the poor, visiting the sick, providing assistance to handicapped people and marginalized.
Ana Maria and Mary Ann explained the 3 stage comprehensive training they had gone through, with the first year at home country of the candidate for the discernment of intention and nourishment. The 2nd year overseas training gave them the chance to learn the new language, and to experience the new cultures in Kenya for deepening the discernment. In the 3rd stage, the candidate would be sent back to the home country preparing departure for one of the mission countries of SME. During such 3 to 4 years of training, they should have deepened their discernment, purified the intention, and cultivated the missionary attributes - like simplicity, humility, adaptability, ability of leading the community life with listening and openness to others, and above all the love of Christ and His Church. For those who had the discernment of pursuing priesthood, they had to go through the philosophy and theology training for a much longer period in that final stage.
Overall, the missionary lives as lay people were quite enriching, with exposure to new environment, new language, and meeting with people of various nations.

July birthday stars: Cecilia Aw, Thomas Wong, Howard Sou, Elizabeth Cheng.
Feast Day of St Junipero Serra, our Club's patron saint.
A group of Serrans attended an early Mass celebrated by Fr. John Kwan at St Margaret's Church followed by a fellowship breakfast.
St Junipero Serra pray for us!
Justin Tse, was the guest speaker at our 24th general meeting. His topic was Knowledge Management (KM).
Justin graduated with a master's degree in KM. He has worked with the Police in its KM division. Currently he is involved in KM at The Red Cross. He also engages in KM training at the university.
What is Knowledge management (KM)? It is the process of creating, documenting, sharing and managing the knowledge and information of an institution. It refers to a multidisciplinary approach to achieving organisational objectives by making the best use of knowledge.
KM is a technique. Its success depends on understanding the culture of that institution and formulate creative approaches to attract viewers and participants. Its mission is to facilitate and drive the flow of knowledge across the organisation – sharing answers, insights, expertise, ideas and information. Rewards are often used as a way to encourage and heighten level of engagement and participation. The website must be user friendly. Once recognition in accessing the website is deemed beneficial on a personal and professional level, daily logon will be by choice not by command.
Applying KM practices in institutions in one form or another is quite common today. Once familiarity sets in, it becomes routine.
On a blessed Saturday morning (17th June 2017) with a little raining, we, Michael Lau, Ruby, Peter Tam, Wilfred and Peter Fung, after having a short walk from the parking lot, came to a decent house of Daughters of St Paul in Ha Keng Hau Village, Shatin.
Warmly received by four Sisters, Sister Grace Lee led us into a living room where all of us could have a comfortable seating, and she even made us some tasty tea from Taiwan, and cake too.
Sister Lee has been staying in Hong Kong for many years since the establishment of their presence in 1987.
Over the years, she witnessed the development of Hong Kong as their mission was to spread the good news to the community through mass media, in particular books.
They got used to go to the schools during the weekdays, and to the Churches only on Sundays, for book exhibition, where they could talk to the youths, and that was highly upheld by His Emmenience Cardinal Wu at that time, for such promotion and formation of spirituality.
Currently, four sisters were living together, with Sr. Seo newly arrived from Korea, Sr. Tessie Ngai, Sr. Helen Ng and Sr. Grace Lee in this convent house.
Sr. Lee introduced us a new book to be coming soon to the market, a completely new version of Chinese translation concerning the life of a very well-learned scholar, Dr. John Wu, who intriguingly consolidated the diversity of Chinese Cultures with Catholicism - a deep and beautiful expression of his unique spirituality - worth to be sharing among all of us, especially the faithful.
Looking forward to the 30th anniversary of their mission in Hong Kong, they sincerely invited us to participate in the celebration next year.
It was such a fruitful visit as they gave us some beautifully designed biblical based folders and related missionary books of their religious order; and to further our spiritual understanding and mission on vocation, we bought some vocation books, and placed order with them for the expected new book: "Beyond East and West (超越東西方)" of Dr. John Wu, a diplomat in Vatican and scholar. (Peter Fung)
Professor Alison Yeung was the guest speaker at our 23rd general meeting. Her topic was Be still and know I am God: Why and how? Professor Yeung received her PhD in History from UCLA. She is currently teaching at The Chinese University in The Department of Education. For a long while she felt a sense of discontent despite personal success. The retreat organised by the Monastery Without Boundaries that she attended led to an important revelation and discovery: meditation was introduced as a tool for self reflection in which one enters in a state of awe and feels the close proximity to God. This experience has enriched her life. She now meditates regularly and has also formed a small group at the university for this purpose.
In sum, meditation is a way of simplicity, silence and stillness. Before she ended the talk she encouraged us to engage in a short meditation.

June Birthday star: Sn Albert Li
It was a lovely day to host the Singing Saint. Over 700 Catholics attended the Singing Saint which took place at The Holy Spirit Seminary from 3-7pm on the day of The Ascension of the Lord. In the football field 14 stalls were set up and minded by various religious orders as well as The Holy Spirit Seminary and Serra Club. Each offering delicious snacks and information leaflets about their order/association. Music filled the air throughout the afternoon. Fr Kam delivered an opening speech to the young people on vocations followed by denominations introducing their order and singing songs of praise. The event ended with evening prayer and blessings from Bishop Ha.
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As May is the vocations month, Cardinal John Tong dedicated/concelebrated the 11am Mass at St Jerome's Church in Tin Shui Wai for vocations. After Mass two sisters shared their vocation calling with the congregation as well as Cardinal Tong during Mass. President Tam also gave a brief introduction on the mission of Serra Club.
Serrans and DVC members were successful in drawing the attention of more faithful to pray for vocations before and after Mass. More than 50 vocation forms were filled. It was truly another fruitful event.
Sn. Cloris Lim was the speaker at our 22nd general meeting. Her topic was Nanyin 南音: My Inspirational Encounter. Nanyin Music is one of the oldest existing music genres in China. It derived from royal palace music and later established itself in Quanzhou, Fujian Province when the court musicians migrated there. In the same period many country folks also moved to the Minnan area where Quanzhou City is located to escape the civil wars and economic hardship. They brought along their music culture, which later blended into the local folk music and became a new music genre: Nanyin music. For the migrants, Nanyin music brought back familiarity and comfort of home while living in a distant land. It served as a soothing remedy for homesickness. It also established social bonding and community solidarity.
In 2009, China successfully championed for UNESCO recognition of Nanyin as an intangible cultural asset. Although Nanyin is an ancient art form, it has survived China's political, social and cultural change and its legacy lives on.
Sn Cloris highlighted that her success was all credited to the Holy Spirit. It had guided her from the time she started learning how to play the piano as an adult to mastering Level 8 in 5 short years to taking up her PHD research in Nanyin Music. She reckoned that the master plan has been laid out for her leading her to now becoming a member of Serra Club of Hong Kong...
On this Vocations Sunday, Mass was concelebrated by Bishop Ha and 3 priests at The Holy Cross Church. After which there was sharing by a seminarian and Sr Catherine Fung on their individual calling. Serrans and DVC members/volunteers co-minded a stall outside the Church to distribute booklets and information on Vocations to the worshippers as well as obtaining their contact details for outreach purposes. It was another successful attempt as 50 more names were added to the list.   

This year Mother's Day was attended by 175 nuns from 21 orders in Hong Kong. The VIP guest list included His Eminence Cardinal John Tong, Sr Joanna Marie Cheung SPC, Chairperson of Association of Major Religious Superiors of Women in Hong Kong and guest speaker Dr Joseph Kwan, a Geriatric specialist who delivered an insightful presentation on humanistic ways to care for the elderly. It won't be a celebration without the lucky draw and table prizes. Besides the sisters being entertained, they were also able to catch up with one another as Sr Joanna mentioned in her thank you speech. In closing, Cardinal Tong gave an inspirational talk after which two hymns dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima were sung followed by a group photo in the garden.
The guest speaker for our 21st general meeting was Mr. Albert Au, founder of Acesome Limited. His topic was Digital Health. Given Albert's IT background and also having worked at IBM's medical solutions division, it was natural that he should pursue an app that provides relevant information to the care giver in a clinical setting.
Acesome focuses on affordability, portability and personalisation. It is all about patient relationship management, enhancing personal care plan and keeping accurate personal healthcare record for service providers (clinic, nursing home and home care) so to facilitate the care giver to deliver the best care. The app is programmed to include drug administration schedule and tracking system, medical appointment reminders, to name a few.
Acesome's two year goal is to service more service providers and individuals in neighbouring Asian markets, to aid minorities with language barrier and to provide support in community care and primary care setting.

May birthday stars: Sn Patrick Sham and Sn Peter So
Serran Denis Chang was the speaker at our 20th general meeting. His topic was The Basic Law and post truth - one country, many interpretations
As the topic suggests One Country Two Systems can be interpreted variably. Serran Denis Chang, a member of the Drafting Committee for the Basic Law of the HKSAR of the PRC, explained forthrightly that without a country there would be no two systems; no two systems exist unless there is one country. He pointed out articles in the Basic Law can be misconstrued if not read carefully. On the subject of religion, Hong Kong still enjoys freedom of worship; a physical cross and religious statues are still permitted at schools for example. It would appear that freedom of religion is still very much a constitutionally protected right in HK compared to some other countries.
From a command hierarchy perspective, NPC is vested in establishing special administrative regions like Hong Kong to embrace the concept of One Country Two Systems. In this equation, Hong Kong can exercise its given autonomy within the scope stipulated in the Basic Law.
Sr Ophelia Lui was the guest speaker at our 19th general meeting. Her topic was 天父的小王子 (Our Heavenly Father's little prince). Sr Ophelia is currently The Superior of Sisters of St Paul De Chartres (SPC) - Our Lady of Chartres Community in HK. She works closely with young adults between the age 18-35. She had also accompanied these young faithful to Poland for World Youth Day. She has witnessed vocational calling but it takes time, sometimes years.
Her talk was centered on God's unconditional love and that we have to submit ourselves totally and follow Him. She showed us a picture of Jesus washing St Peter's feet at the Last Supper and quoted Ch 13 in the Bible according to John.
She also showed us two other pictures depicting a relationship between a young prince and a flower and also friendship with a fox. The message is to remind us to trust God, focus on spirituality and servicing. God is merciful and His love is limitless.

April birthday stars: Sn Peter Lee, Sn Richard Tan and Sn Raymond Koo

The speaker at our 18th general meeting was Rev Dominic Lui Chi Man, assistant parish priest of Our Lady of The Rosary Church. His topic was Family: a challenging mosaic made up of many different realities, with all their joys, hopes and problems.
Fr Dominic's presentation was focused on Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation on the family, "Amoris Laetitia" ("The Joy of Love"), most encouraging papal teaching on family life today. Four Cardinals had asked Pope Francis for clarity. Pope Francis recognised the complexity of this topic and the urgent need of thorough study. He highlighted that "what seems normal on one continent, is considered strange and almost scandalous on another; what is considered a violation of a right in one society is an evident, inviolable rule in another; what for some is freedom of conscience maybe simply perceived as confusion for others."
Pope Francis' groundbreaking document encourages the Church to meet people where they are, to consider the complexities of people's lives and to respect people's conscience when it comes to moral decisions. It is the Pope's intention to avoid judging people and imposing rules on them without considering their struggles. This mirrors the core message of the Gospel: God's mercy is abundant. Starting with the family which is the fabric of the Ecclesial Community and of Civil Society, let the priority be placed on pastoral care of families. "Family ministry" is ever so important especially in changing times.

Running Saint- Harnessing Collective Intelligence to trace the footsteps of past missionaries and to witness their strong faith.
Date: March 12, 2017 (Sunday)
Time: 9:00am
Venue: Valtorta College, Tai Po
5:00pm: Thanksgiving Mass celebrated by His Eminence Cardinal Tong and Award Ceremony at Sacred Heart Church Sai Kung

There were 27 teams of 4 yielding a total of 108 young people participating in the event- Running Saint. Some
Serrans arrived very early in the morning in Tai Po to prepare the site and to welcome/instruct the participants on logistics. The teams arrived at Sacred Heart Church in Sai Kung in the afternoon after completing their mission and had reported their result for tabulation.
More Serrans joined in the afternoon and witnessed the award ceremony. Rev Sergio Ticozzi gave a personal account of evangelisation in Tai Po and other remote areas in HK/China some 50 years ago while former missionaries had paved the way for them one and a half century earlier.
It was truly a day of perfection. The energy filled the assembly hall, it was undeniably infectious. Thanks to Fr Kam/President and the planning committee for their detailed execution. The activity is current, fun and engaging. The MCs were pros. and Cardinal Tong's sermon was unforgettable. The day ended with a fellowship dinner.

Rev Luke Park Young Sup, BMC is the Asst parish priest at The Immaculate Conception Church. He has been in HK for three years and has mastered the Cantonese language in a short period of time. He is from the Order of Clerical Congregation of the Blessed Martyrs in Korea. His topic was Towards the White Martyr (Catholic Mission in Korea)
Currently Catholics per Capita in Korea is 10.7% which is much higher than in HK.
Christianity was first introduced to Korea in the 17th century through knowledge from western learning rather than the traditional teachings from missionaries. They initiated their own Catholic diocese in 1831. Despite many religious persecutions over time, the Catholic Church has grown and now serves 17 dioceses including 3 underground ones in North Korea.
Many locals look upon priesthood as a profession, hence humility lacks and examples of faith are rare. Although white martyrs are in dire need, however living a life according to the gospel is stressed - be compassionate like Saint Teresa, be evangelical, be just and be merciful.

March lucky stars: Sns Vincent Jim, Denis Chang and Winnie Yau

Our one day Lenten Retreat was held at Honeyville Retreat Centre. Fr Timothy Wan was our retreat master. The topic was "An Overview of Individual Vocation". It was all about self vocation and reflection.There are many forms of vocations. Pope Francis reiterated that being married and having children are important. Those who choose to remain single could serve God in their own way. Some dedicate their lives to serve God full time; they become permanent deacons, nuns or priests. We are all human beings, the only difference between us and the rest of the human race is that we are baptised. We therefore need to act like Catholics, be close to The Church and participate in its activities besides attending Sunday Mass.
The afternoon talk was on the existence of hell and purgatory. From a conceptual perspective, there is Heaven, then purgatory, earth and hell. Hell as we know it is a permanent state of suffering whereas purgatory is temporary but the length of stay depends on performance while on earth. It is with certainty that Mother Mary is the only one who went straight to Heaven... maybe children and martyrs too.
There was a side discussion regarding priests who left the priesthood. They are still priests but cannot perform sacraments. However, should they meet any life or death situations, they can still perform the last rites. Nuns, on the other hand, will become lay people should they leave their order as priests are the only ones who receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
In between talks we received Eucharistic Adoration and The Act of Contrition. We also prayed the Rosary. A few did the Way of The Cross given limited time left before Mass. The day ended with thanks and birthday wishes to Fr Tim.

Some Serrans attended a fellowship dinner afterwards.
Rev. Paul Kam Po Wai was the guest speaker at our 16th general meeting. Father Kam was a parish priest. He left HK to preach in Tanzania, East Africa from 2003-2006. Currently he is chairperson of Diocesan Youth Commission Hong Kong and spiritual leader of Hong Kong Federation of Catholic Students. His topic was Relationship between Life Experience and Vocational Discernment (生活體驗與聖召培育).
The crux of Fr Kam's talk was on youth self awareness and internalisation of one's experience on what is seen and heard followed by action and service - that is the way to follow Jesus. He pointed out the 3H quoted by Pope Francis, they are head (to think), heart (to feel) and hands (to do servicing).
Fr Kam stressed on the importance of experience and that it will empower young people to get close and personal with God and The Church. World Youth Day and other programs like one offered at Taiz Community are the cornerstone for vocations and catalysts to help create structures for many young people.
With this in mind, Serra Club HK and Diocesan Youth Commission Hong Kong have jointly organised three activities to create such experience for our youth in the coming months:
1/ Mar 12: Running Saint: tracing the footsteps of past seminarians in TaiPo in guided teams of 4.
2/Singing Saint: Outdoor concert at The Holy Spirit Seminary.
3/Cooking Saint: Priests and Religious to cook alongside the young participants. This will allow a friendly and non threatening exchange in a relaxed setting.

February Birthday star: Sn Denis Chang

The guest speaker at our 15th general meeting was Ms.Joanne Chan, Registered Dietitian. Her topic was Nutritional Support in the Prevention and Treatment of early stage of Alzheimer's Syndrome (營養的預防和冶療早期腦退化症的重要性)
This being the first meeting after Chinese New Year, it is customary to wish everyone the best of health in The Year of The Rooster. What could be more appropriate than to have Ms Chan to discuss various nutritional supplements targeting to prevent or delay the onset or slow down the deterioration of Alzheimer's Disease.
According to World Alzheimer Report 2015, every three seconds someone develops dementia. In Hong Kong, it is reported that Alzheimer's Disease occurs in 60-80% of people with dementia. Among the signs and symptoms is the obvious deterioration or loss of cognitive functioning i.e. thinking, remembering and reasoning. Dementia is #8 cause of death among the elderly in 2014.
There are three stages in Alzheimer's disease; early, middle and late stage. It is important to recognise its development and offer appropriate care and treatment. Some of the prophylactic measures include a regular intake of Vit B6, B9 and B12, Omega 3 fatty acids and Vit A, C and E whether in the form of tablets or natural foods. Many alternative oral products are available in the market but most are not yet proven its effectiveness. It is advisable to be prudent when it comes to anything ingestible. Better consult a medical doctor when in doubt.

Fergus Chau, the newest member, was inducted at our 14th general meeting by the visiting SI President Dante Vannini. It was a rare opportunity and a moment to be seized.

We were honoured in having Mr Dante Vannini present at our 14th general meeting. He became Serra International President last June, since then he has been visiting various Serra Clubs. His mission is to reiterate the message to every Club to work along side the bishop/priests and rector/seminarians.
Serra Club exists in many countries including Asia, Africa and South America. It stays true to its principles but its approach is changing with the times. Serra Club's objectives remain the same, to support vocational programs through fellowship, to encourage individual contribution to increasing vocations and to work closely with the Church on vocations.
Lastly he called attention to the upcoming 75th Serra International Convention this June 22-24 in Rome. A thousand members are expected to participate from all over the world. Presentations will be in 5 languages. A private audience with the Holy Father is set on the 23rd.

Happy birthday to President Tam.

The annual Bishop's lunch went ahead as planned. 51 people attended including guest of honour, His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong, Chancellor of Diocesan Chancery, Rev. Lawrence Lee, Macau Serran President, Maria Mak and three Macau Serrans, HK Serra Club's Spiritual Director Rev. Tsang, President Peter Tam, HK Serrans and families.
Rev. Tsang said grace before lunch after which President Tam gave an account of the activities occurred in the last six months. He also highlighted some of the future programs. His Eminence, Cardinal John Tong Hon later delivered an inspiring speech. The main takeaway is that we should be kind to people especially those around us. Lunch ended on a happy note after receiving blessing from the Cardinal.
Chief principal, Louisa Lo and Assistant Principal, Mr Larry Yeung of Raimondi College were guest speakers at our 13th general meeting. The topic was New Initiatives of Raimondi.
Raimondi College was the first Catholic Diocesan secondary school established in Hong Kong in 1958 in memory of Bishop Raimondi, the first Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong. Rev. Fr. J. Carra PIME was appointed as Supervisor and Principal. He was also the second chaplain of Serra Club HK for 28 years.
Raimondi College has expanded over the years from an all boys secondary school to a co-ed establishment offering both primary and secondary education.
Due to challenges in Hong Kong school education today, Raimondi has to develop/maintain its competitive edge. Four years ago Ms Lo with her impressive credentials, was appointed as Principal of Raimondi College. Under her leadership, PTA was restructured and Small-class Teaching Scheme was introduced. These initiatives were directly aimed at increasing student enrollment and raising Raimondi's academic profile to a higher level. In 2015, Incorporated Management Committee was also established.
These strategies yielded positive outcomes as shown in an increase in student applications. Raimondi is now in the forefront competing with other band one schools in both the academic as well as the non academic arenas.

Birthday Star: President Peter Tam
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